State legislators have cashed in to the renewable energy projects after amending the renewable energy standards this Thursday. Senators were contemplating the bill allowing Renewable Portfolio Standards of Delaware to continue serving this sector for the next 15 years. This project informs the involvement of Delmarva Power to generate 40% of renewable energy after this period. The bill passed over after many Senate members seeing it through by focusing on their party affiliations. Some of the senators opposing the bill argue that Delmarva Power is not meeting the renewable energy objectives set, and therefore there’s no need to give it more pressure. However, DNERC Secretary, Shawn Garvin, refuted these claims stating that the company is in line with the stated provisions since a fifth of its energy emanates from renewable energy.

Moreover, the opposition stated that the bill’s passing to become law was a hasty process raising questions over its legibility and practicality in terms of implementation. Concerned senators stated that DNERC is utilizing this channel to resolve the lawsuit that the Public Service Commission served the company. The lawsuit can result in the halting of the company from pursuing the renewable energy objectives set. These senators pointed that legal challenges must be resolved in the right way and not through legal loopholes. Additionally, republicans expressed their concerns that the new bill might make consumers pay more to access electricity. The senators are afraid that they might strain people’s income considering the pandemic has impeded the efficient conduction of business.

The bill will be active in the next five years, where the deals involving renewable energy will be expensive for the consumers. This wave will reign in the country for some time since companies would be discovering the essence of clean energy. Nevertheless, the prices of the contracts will eventually drop until they become normalcy. The bill’s proponents retaliated by stating that this move is essential in stimulating economic growth in this season when everyone will be in the quest to shift to clean energy.

The legislators think that this strategy would increase the seniors’ life expectancy who wouldn’t mind paying more for renewable energy since it is a bargaining chip for their health. The lawmakers also stated that they must focus outside the renewable energy policies and brainstorm on the methods they can utilize to suppress the climate change problems. Nonetheless, the approval of the renewable energy bill will allow this sector to expand.

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