The decree of state alarm that came into force this Sunday for all of Spain gives the autonomous communities the necessary legal instruments to take measures against the pandemic without depending on the endorsement of the courts.

In addition to the curfew imposed for 15 days from 11 pm to 6 am except in the Canary Islands which each regional government can advance or delay by one hour the text leaves open the possibility of restricting movement between communities or within communities same by provinces localities or neighborhoods.

This decision is in the hands of each regional president Each territory in addition can continue to maintain its capacity restrictions business hours and restaurants or social gatherings Next we review the main measures approved or announced.

ANDALUSIA The BOJA will publish this Thursday the measures adopted by the Junta de Andalucía to stop the second wave of the covid The new provisions will go into effect at 0 am on Friday until November 9 From that moment the entire community of Andalusia will be closed perimeter.

The Government has also decreed the confinement of the provinces of Seville Granada and Jaén and of all their municipalities as well as that of the localities of the health districts of Córdoba Sur La Vega de Granada and JerezCosta Noroeste and Sierra de Cádiz In total the measure affects 450 of the 785 municipalities in Andalusia Its 43 million inhabitants will not be able to enter or leave except for just cause

In Andalusia the curfew is maintained from 23 to 6 in the morning Bars and restaurants must close at 1030 pm and the maximum number of people who can meet in public or private is reduced to six except in cases of cohabiting groups The Board will review these measures every 15 days

ARAGON The government of socialist Javier Lambán approved last Monday the perimeter closure of the community from midnight on Tuesday until November 9 In addition the cities of Huesca Zaragoza and Teruel continue to be confined a measure that came into force last Thursday and whose inhabitants can only enter and leave their municipalities for work health and other exceptions

Now the rest of the residents of the region will be able to travel within it except to the three capitals but will also have restricted travel outside the autonomous community The entire region is at alarm level 3 the most restrictive which includes capacity at 25 on terraces up to 50 and the closure of the hotel business at 10pm Social groups are kept at six people maximum The curfew is established between 23

ASTURIAS The president of Asturias Adrián Barbón PSOE decreed the perimeter closure of the Principality within the framework of the powers attributed to him by the state of alarm This measure is added to the perimeter confinements published on Friday of Oviedo Gijón and Avilés until November 7

Barbón has also approved the closure of commercial activity at 2200 and the hotel and catering establishments betting and gaming venues at 2300 The Asturian Government urges the population to form social bubbles to stop the increase in infections the limit for these encounters is six people The curfew proposed by the central government is established from 2300 to 600

BALEARICS The curfew from 0000 to 600 marks the closing time of bars and restaurants whose capacity is limited to 50 if the maximum capacity is more than 50 people and 75 if it is less than 50 On the terraces the same capacity governs

In principle the Government intended to apply the curfew from 11pm but it has delayed it for an hour after meeting with representatives of the restaurant sector The main restrictions are limiting meetings to a maximum of six people the prohibition of smoking on public roads and using the bars of bars as well as limiting the capacity of places of worship to 30

This Tuesday the Ministry of Health has decided the perimeter confinement of Manacor for 15 days due to the increase in cases

CANARY ISLANDS Canarias is the only community in which the mandatory curfew is not applied The islands do not have any confinement measures either Nightlife is prohibited since summer

Currently only Tenerife has a red traffic light situation which forces hospitality businesses to close at 000 and restrict groups In the rest of the islands the closing is delayed one hour In any case the occupancy limit per table or group of tables is 10 people In commercial establishments you cannot exceed 75 of the authorized capacity

CANTABRIA The president of Cantabria Miguel Ángel Revilla confirmed this Thursday that he is going to decree the perimeter confinement of the community to try to reduce the increase in coronavirus infections The curfew continues to be applied from 000 to 600 in accordance with the closing times in the hotel business agreed by the regional Executive Social gatherings are limited to a maximum of six participants

CASTILLA LA MANCHA After the meeting this Wednesday afternoon between the Executives of CastillaLa Mancha Castilla y León and Madrid the community has announced a perimeter closure until November 9 starting this Thursday October 29 The Government of Emiliano GarcíaPage has decided to reduce the curfew from 0000 to 600 and limit social gatherings to six people previously there were 10

On the other hand there are areas with smaller capacity among other limitations due to the advance of the virus Health has lifted restrictions in Calzada de Calatrava and La Puebla de Almoradiel level 1 tax in Villahermosa and Campo de Criptana reduction of capacity in bars cultural activities and commercial areas level 2 in Almagro the limitations of level 1 are tightened and the bar service in the bars is closed It also extends level 2 in Azuqueca de Henares and in the city of Guadalajara

CASTILLA Y LEÓN The president of the Junta de Castilla y León Alfonso Fernández Mañueco has confirmed that this Friday November 30 the region is confined The closure will run until November 9 and the president has called for intelligent selfconfinement and reducing contacts to a minimum

The curfew is imposed between 10 pm and 6 am The perimeter confinements that affected populations that made up approximately 25 of the communitys inhabitants such as León Burgos Salamanca and Palencia were suspended after the curfew entered into force on Saturday night The capacity of hotels and shops which must close at 10 pm is limited to 50 and the maximum number of participants in meetings is set at six

CATALONIA The Catalan Government will approve a new package of measures this Thursday The great novelty will be a perimeter confinement of Catalonia with the intention of making it stricter in each municipality during the weekends Also for 15 days the Government foresees that all extracurricular cultural and sports activities such as gyms will be suspended and there will be some restrictions on nonessential trade yet to be specified

The Generalitat will give an account of the restrictions in a press conference this Thursday since experts are analyzing how these measures fit with the decree of state of alarm that is approved this Thursday in Congress and that establishes that the restrictions have to be prolonged a minimum of seven days

The Generalitat has decided that the curfew is applied between 10 pm and 6 am Commercial establishments and recreational and sports activities must close to the public at 900 pm Cultural activities such as cinemas can end at 10pm and viewers will have until 11pm to get home

Bars and restaurants are closed in Catalonia but they can make home deliveries until 10pm In addition the capacity is limited to 50 in cultural activities religious events civil ceremonies sports facilities and common areas of hotels and 30 in retail Social gatherings are limited to a maximum of six people

VALENCIAN COMMUNITY In the Valencian Community the curfew which came into effect at dawn on October 25 restricts nighttime mobility between 000 and 600 except for work reasons health emergencies and other essential services

Social gatherings are limited until December 9 to a maximum of six people except the cohabitants In addition it is recommended that if they occur they be in open or well ventilated spaces In any case it is recommended to cancel or postpone any activity that is not essential and that social activity is limited as much as possible

In hospitality the closing time of the establishments is marked at 0000 but orders will not be accepted one hour before at 2300 The use of the mask will be mandatory except at the time of consumption and will be carried out only at the tables not at the bar You cannot exceed 75 of the capacity

On the terraces 100 occupation of the tables will be allowed as long as the safety distance is guaranteed The establishments and commercial retail stores and professional services activities have a capacity of 75 The schedule will be the usual one complying with the curfew

The gardens and outdoor recreation areas may only be open from 800 am to 1000 pm The sale of alcohol between ten at night and 8 in the morning is prohibited except in hotels and restaurants

ESTREMADURA Extremadura has limited the curfew in its territory from 000 to 600  In addition since October 18 social gatherings are limited to a maximum of six people in line with the majority of autonomies At the moment the Government of the region is not considering the perimeter closure of autonomy  as announced this Monday by the second vice president and Minister of Health José María Vergeles

Mérida Cáceres and Badajoz among other municipalities suffer more severe limitations than the rest of the community reduced capacity in bars while several municipalities in the region are confined to the perimeter Vergeles announced this Wednesday that the measure is extended to the towns of Hervás Alcuéscar and Arroyomolinos and does not rule out that the closure will reach the most populated municipalities in the region

GALICIA  The curfew in Galicia applies from 2300 to 600  In addition from October 22 the meetings cannot be of more than five people There are more restrictions that apply throughout the community reduction to 50 of the capacity of cultural activities such as cinemas or theaters as well as in shops and bars where bar service is prohibited

In addition there are other local limitations in Santiago and the neighboring town of O Milladoiro meetings were restricted to cohabitants In these two places in addition the capacity of the terraces has been reduced to 50 and consumption inside is prohibited

Ourense and Barbadàs remain under the perimeter confinement order since October 7 In the same province the order was extended shortly after to O Carballiño O Irixo and Boborás three municipalities in which on Thursday the activity in all kinds of places and leisure culture and sports facilities was closed This past week the Xuntas Clinical Committee also agreed to close the perimeter of Verín Oímbra and Vilardevós again three locations in Ourense

THE RIOJA La Rioja decreed the perimeter closure of the community on October 23 a measure that in principle will last until November 7 On Tuesday he also decreed the confinement of Logroño and Arnedo where the bars will remain closed for a month

In this community social gatherings cannot be of more than six people while the curfew is established between 2300 and 600 In addition La Rioja has also decreed the closure of establishments at 900 pm except pharmacies supermarkets and local food delivery services The reduction to 50 of the capacity inside the hospitality establishments 60 outside bars and restaurants is also adopted where consumption at the bar will not be allowed And the sale of alcohol is prohibited after 10pm

MADRID The president of the community Isabel Díaz Ayuso PP announced this Thursday her decision to close the region only during the next two bridges and not until November 9 as defended by her government partner Ciudadanos and how the two Castiles will do after the meeting the eve of their leaders

I am not satisfied with closing Madrid I have no scientific study to back it up What I want to do is close as few days as possible because I defend my ideas I have asked the Government for flexibility the president explained referring to the fact that the royal decree of Pedro Sánchez stipulates that the duration of the closures is two weeks

The situation is not at all clear one day after the Todos los Santos bridge since the first vice president of the Government Carmen Calvo has assured that the Executive will not modify the state of alarm to shorten the term while he has accused Ayuso of acting in a calculated way to create confusion The hours in which the Madrid closure would begin and end have not been determined either

Meanwhile the regional government applies since Monday and for two weeks a selective confinement to more than half a million inhabitants of 32 basic health areas 19 of them in the capital from which you cannot enter or leave except for just cause In these areas the playgrounds are closed unlike those in the rest of the region and the terraces have the capacity limited to 50 instead of 75 of the rest

Business hours are the same throughout the community closing at 10 pm in stores and at midnight in bars and restaurants but the capacity of commercial establishments goes from 75 in general to 50 in health areas with greater restrictions

In addition on Monday he implemented a curfew from 000 to 600 and raised the veto of nightly meetings of nonpartners a rule that lasted only two days in force Thus Madrid once again allows social gatherings in the houses of friends or relatives who do not live together from 000 to 600 of course always respecting the limit of six people

MURCIA In the case of the Region of Murcia the perimeter confinement is both in the autonomous community and in its 45 municipalities which means that citizens cannot enter or leave the town in which they reside or the regional limits except for go to work and the rest of the exceptions that the decree of the state of alarm raises

In addition there are 10 municipalities Abanilla Archena Beniel Bullas Ceutí Cieza Fortuna Lorquí Torre Pacheco and Totana in which the closure of the interior of bars and restaurants has been ordered which can only provide terrace service Both the perimeter confinement and the closure of the hotel industry come into effect this midnight and will be in force until November 9 but the Government has already warned that the measures may be extended depending on the evolution of the pandemic

NAVARRE In this community the total closure of the hotel industry the curfew between 11 pm and 6 pm and the limitation to 40 of the capacity in shopping centers is still in force Visits and outings in residences have been suspended and the capacity has been reduced to 30 indoors and 40 outdoors in gyms and sports facilities with the express prohibition of using changing rooms except in swimming pools and showers

Transportation is also limited to half capacity In Navarra internal mobility is not limited as in the Basque Country so police controls are being placed on the main entry and exit roads and randomly on local and regional roads

BASQUE COUNTRYThe Ertzaintza and the different municipal police already control a good part of the accesses to the Basque municipalities to control that their neighbors comply with the confinement that prevents leaving the community but also prevents them from leaving or entering municipalities other than those of residence except that carry a pass that justifies force majeure

The restrictions have not changed in the last 24 hours and travel is only allowed for work health educational or caring for the elderly and dependents The limitation for groups is still six people alcohol cannot be sold between 800 pm and 800 pm and the curfew is between 1100 pm and 600 am You can only go to neighboring municipalities for non-postponed procedures that can be justified as force majeure.

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