There are about four top piano brands in the world. Probably even more. Hence, to choose which brand is suitable for you can be a matter of great deliberation. Your level of proficiency also matters a great deal.

A piano enthusiast who just started learning, for example, would require different features to an internationally respected player.

Hence in this article, we provide a concise guideline to choose the ideal piano brand for yourself.

Piano Brands


If you are interested in getting a keyboard piano, then Yamaha piano can be a great choice. Yamaha electric keyboard stand comes along with the keyboard. It is digital, but it also consists of keys with weighted sensitivity for the authentic feel, and they sound as good as a real piano.


Roland Corporation is a renowned brand for instruments with digital output. They are famous for their studio equipment like Roland drums, Roland synthesizers, and many other instruments that are widely used by musicians worldwide.

But when it comes to digital piano or keyboard, Roland surely standout because Roland pianos or Roland keyboards are like a fancy car. They are expensive, but they have features that no other brand can provide.


Kawai is a brand that has been manufacturing instruments for more than 90 years and won more than 50 renowned international awards for their instruments. Kawai is very proficient in manufacturing acoustic piano, digital piano, and keyboards as well. Kawai pianos can be Kawai grand piano or Kawai digital piano; instrumentalists widely use both of these types of keys instruments all over the world.


Korg started its journey in the 60s with their drum machine. Now they manufacture various types of instruments and tools for musicians. Along with all the other useful drum instruments, Korg also make excellent keys instruments like digital piano and keyboard.

Features of an ideal brand for beginners

For beginner piano players finding the right brand may not be as challenging as it seems. Beginners should look for digital piano at an affordable price range. Because in many cases, beginners do not continue to play their instruments. In that case, getting an expensive digital piano can be a waste.

A beginner should take a very comfortable piano. Though most brands are concern about providing smooth playability and acoustic pianos can be a little hard because of the action of the keys. Adjustable action of keys may require less effort; hence that can be beneficial for beginners.

Some brands like Yamaha or Kawai offer a lot of plug-ins, lessons, and tutorials with the product, which is highly beneficial for starters. Piano lessons can boost the learning process.

Features of an ideal brand for professional

If you are a professional piano player and you require to take your instrument in various places, then you will require a digital piano brand offering longlasting sturdy instruments. Brands that make highly durable digital piano may cost a bit, but if you are professional, then it is worth it. A sturdy and durable digital piano will ensure a worry-free journey if you have to travel with your instrument.

If you are using your piano in studios for recording purposes, then you will require something that produces excellent sound and have recording features. In professional recording or concert, performance sound cannot be compromised. Digital piano manufacturers like Yamaha or Roland makes pianos with fantastic design and can produce excellent sound and tone.

Final Words: Best Digital Piano Brands

People all over the world love music. And the piano is one of the most popular instruments all over the planet. Whenever we think of keys, a piano comes in our imagination. This is why many music lovers start their journey of music with a piano. To make your journey more comfortable and to ease the challenges in your musical journey, we are providing this article so that you know what the factors about a piano brand are. So what is the best digital piano brand? Well, the answer now depends upon your need. And from this article, you will know what you need to get your piano from the best digital piano brands.

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