The Aviation industry has gone through a rough patch in the last twelve months. After the pandemic strikes the globe, traveling came to a halt where people remained in the same place for months. The move may have helped different countries deal with Covid-19, but the aviation sector experienced a hard time. Some employees lost their jobs, and traveling became impossible. And on 12 March 2021, the Aviation Achievement Awards took place. Reports claim that this year’s edition is a special dedication to organizations. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, they maintained exceptional leadership, resilience, and innovation in the aviation industry in the last twelve months.

The Awards’ main focus was on the Middle East, and the event was virtual, and the winners were broadcasted from Dubai. In a statement from Inmarsat Aviation president Philip Balaam, we learned about the actual situation last year. Philip claims that the aviation industry has stood tall and portrayed unwavering resilience in the previous twelve months as the planet faced a pandemic. He claims that the customers were facing the storm, and the aviation sector quickly adopted the right approach to give the necessary support.

The judges quickly highlighted how the aviation industry worked on inflight connectivity to evolve the passengers’ needs and improve operations and safety in the ceremony. Currently, Inmarsat serves 13,000 aircraft globally onboard with global mobile connectivity, and the company is confident that the tech roadmap will maintain its position in aviation connectivity. Also, Inmarsat is popularly known in the aviation industry as the future connectivity partner of choice as the company builds on its 40-year heritage in global mobile connectivity.

The Executive Director at Creative East Media, Kenneth Mitchen, gave a speech regarding the situation last year. He claims that Aviation is one of the sectors significantly affected by the global pandemic. However, the Aviation Achievement Awards organizer, Creative Middle East Media, believes in appreciating the industry’s inspirational achievements despite difficult times. Kenneth highlighted how impressed the judges were with the Inmarsat support plan for their customers putting in mind their struggles.

Inmarsat instead focused on delivering high-class inflight connectivity solutions to meet the passengers’ needs and not only in this period but in the future. These solutions will come in handy when the air sector goes back to the upward trajectory. Via this awards ceremony, the organizers reached out to other companies in the aviation sector, encouraging them to move forward despite the tough time. Inmarsat is a source of inspiration to many thanks to its hard work, dedication and focuses on assisting its customers.

By Adam