Automotive developers are constantly searching for smart and high-performing equipment that will sustain the power needed to recharge electric vehicles and their hybrids. This search is essential because the electricity involved has a high voltage and can sometimes blow up the chargers for the cars. TE Connectivity came up with an HC-STAK 25 High Voltage (HV) Interconnection System to jolt down the voltage to the required levels for both electric cars and hybrids. This system can effectively transfer power from the battery compartment to the driving motors.

The product manager at TE, Gautham Kadhirvel, stated that they have been developing this connection system to assure the customers of the optimized products that they can infuse into the electric and hybrid cars to suit the driver’s needs. The executive added that it has taken them years of trials and failures with the HV connection technology before they witnessed a breakthrough with the HC-STAK interconnection system. This technology reassures the customers of electric vehicles and hybrid cars that they can take up these models with reliable recharging systems and they won’t have to worry about the safety of the cars.

The HC-STAK 25 interconnection system from TE resolves the problems that customers of electric vehicles and hybrids have been complaining about and have not been resolved. The system can suitably sustain the high power surges during peak acceleration in the lifespan of the model. Additionally, the optimum design of the car is achievable with the system because it allows for the flexibility of the model from its geometry to affordability.

Apart from the suitable size, the HC-STAK 25 interconnection system has fork contacts that are expandable and can distribute high power to each segment of the car that requires it while maintaining the approximated lifespan of the car. The system is a plug that can be integrated into the car before it is sold and can enter models with aluminum and copper materials. Additionally, the components of the system have safety measures, an IP67/IP6K9K sealing, and zero flammability to ensure that the car remains safe for the driver and passengers.

The HC-STAK 25 HV interconnection system is a creation suited for vehicle and system manufacturers in the automotive industry and other transportation technologies. Companies interested in this technology have been urged to visit the TE’s website for more details. Finally, the automakers will no longer have to worry about the lifespan of the batteries and cars that they develop because this system assures them.

By Adam