When it comes to satellite internet, some names won’t miss in the list. And this includes Starlink, a project that SpaceX has been working on for years. It is a popular satellite internet since it is a debut project in the field. Besides, SpaceX has talked about how excellent this product is, including the CEO, Elon Musk. On 22nd, SpaceX made headlines after releasing another batch of the Starlink satellites from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

According to reliable records, SpaceX currently has over 1,000 Starlink satellites in the earth’s orbit. Experts argue that satellite internet service will eventually take over when it comes to delivering internet worldwide. However, the first fundamental steps include testing the coverage of a product. In a recent report, Peter Springsteen, a resident from Northern Michigan, explained his experience with Starlink satellite internet service. He is a Starlink Beta Tester since the company runs tests to ensure that everything is functioning correctly.

Currently, SpaceX is advertising this product as a better than nothing internet. However, Peter assured the world that the internet service provider is better than what he has been using for years. He spoke about the installation process highlighting how simple it is since it involves plugging it and working.

Records show that Peter Springsteen lives in a wooded area that has been facing issues of internet connectivity. Later, he was lucky to hear about the SpaceX Starlink Satellite Service. Peter spoke about the registration process with the company. Peter highlighted that he wrote to the company and was instructed to put a pin on the map to show his home. After the company searched through their GPS, the spokesman responded positively.

Starlink is a SpaceX project, and the company plans to create an interconnected network with thousands of satellites in the earth’s orbit. The key goal is to provide robust and high-speed broadband internet service all over the planet. SpaceX has started the beta testing process and is hoping to deliver an excellent product to the world.

For years, Peter has been struggling with a poor and weak internet connection. Springsteen spoke about his past experiences where he was paying $160 for mediocre internet for a month, and with Starlink, the price reduces to $99. He spoke about how the company estimate internet speed with the distance from the dish signal to 30 to 40 microseconds. However, for his case, it feels like the timeframe is 40 to 60 microseconds.

He claims that he hasn’t experienced any lag despite its claim to improve on the product. After analyzing the costs and benefits of the product, his family decided to settle for the product. Peter spoke about how the idea and technology behind Starlink are revolutionary, and SpaceX is close to solving the poor internet issues in rural areas.


By Adam