Amazon has announced that it is investing in one of the substantial renewable projects. It is an offshore wind project located in Europe 20KM off the Netherlands coast. Amazon is partnering with other energy giants Eneco and Shell, which are expected to buy more than half of the facility’s total capacity. The project will start its operations in 2023, and the estimated capacity per year is 3.3TWh. This clean energy is enough to be supplied to over 1 million Dutch households.

Earlier on, Amazon had set a target to attain 100% renewable energy by 2030, but it has said that this will be achieved by 2025, five years early. Many large tech companies such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Apple have set timelines on when to achieve 100% renewable energy. This means that these companies will purchase more renewable to be used in their facilities.

There before, Google announced that it would buy renewable power from wind and solar sources equivalent to the energy used by Rhode Island State. In the last few years, Google has been one of the biggest renewable energy corporate buyers. Last year in December, Amazon announced several new utility-scale solar and wind energy projects, which has brought the company to a total supply of 18 million MWh per year. Amazon said that these new projects would make the company of the biggest renewable energy corporate purchaser.

It is essential to note that wind and solar energy offer power irregularly, which means that if the wind doesn’t blow or the sun is not shining, other energy sources will be used, usually carbon-based. Scientists are trying to develop power storages to solve this issue. Stuart Adler, a researcher at the Clean Energy Institute from the University of Washington, said that the solution is not adding more clean power to the grid. He added that energy storage would help solve the problem. Adler said that California has over-capacity of renewable energy, adding that more solar energy is being produced and not been used, which end up being wasted during the day. Adler added that if the surplus energy produced during the day could be stored, it could be used during the night or some days in future.

Amazon also plans to invest in energy storage technologies. The company said that the Netherlands’ new offshore wind farm would be used to explore different storage techniques. They comprise short-term battery storage, floating solar park, green hydrogen production, and tuned turbines.

By Adam