Recently, the public woke up to amazing news from Kymeta about their recent technology ventures. Kymeta was surprised many people with the U8 Terminal two new versions, the U8 GOV and the U8 GO. These news releases aim to serve the Government, mobile-user needs and the Military. Many are eager to learn about the two new versions and the primary aim for their release. Check out more on this project by Kymeta.

The u8 GOV terminal is among the recent terminals. It covers the full Ku-band spectrum. The Terminal comes with an iDirect 950mp modem, FIPS and a 140-2 Level 3 TRANSEC module. The Terminal is coming to the sale as a turnkey terminal during its launch, including a powerful satellite modem, cellular modem, and SD-WAN capabilities. During a statement from Kymeta, it is clear that the Company’s aim with the new design is to make sure that it meets the Government’s and military’s requirements. It focuses on tactical users where the data needs to remain safe, voice and powerful video connectivity. In addition to that, this new terminal compliance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology security requirements.

The later terminal version, Kymeta U8 GO, is a transportable terminal coming into the market in many commercial and Government configurations. Unlike the other version, it incorporates an inbuilt vehicle mount that works well on the move and communications on the pause. Also, it comes with a rugged shipping case that delivers high-class protection during its transportation. Kymeta, via their spokesman, confirmed that this version had undergone testing against the Military’s transportation standards.

Some of these standards include Transportation shock, Loose Cargo Vibration, Transit drop andMIL-STD-810H. Kymeta first launches the u8 antenna terminal, including the services line in 2020, November. This event follows the success of its predecessor, u7. The new Terminal works hand in hand with the Company’s hybrid satellite cellular connectivity service.

This Kymeta’s new generation antenna is commercially available. Experts claim that these new launches are the communication solution for first responder customers, the Military and the Government. Also, the terminals can function effectively on Low-Earth Orbit Networks. In an interview with Via Satellite, Kymeta’s vice president went into details about the new project. And the various features that make it the better version of its predecessor, the u7 Terminal.

Kymeta’s main goal is to create a safe and powerful communication method for all. The launch took place after beta trials, which ran for over six months. In the recent past, Kymeta announced that the u8 Terminal had received its FCC Commercial authorization. The future of Kymeta’s u8 Terminal looks bright and promising, especially regarding safe communication.

By Adam