The advanced SUVs and foreign electric vehicles have become the Chinese electric vehicle market’s characteristics, competing for consumers’ attention and electric vehicle fanatics. For instance, the locally manufactured electric SUVs from Nio and Li Auto appeared in the top ten bestsellers list published by the China Passenger Car Association. Remarkably, these two companies are new entrants in the industry and have recorded high sales in the best of last year. Tesla, which tops the market, reduced the price of one of its models to capitalize on its market share. This piece will enumerate some of the top-performing electric vehicles in the country currently.

First is the Tesla Model Y, which sold at a remarkable price of $52500 with a mileage range of 594 kilometers. In this line, Model 3 recorded the highest sales last year. The company revealed that Model Y would be gracing the market this year, although the executives explained it would be available for orders in the second quarter of this year. The company took this opportunity to announce that the price chips down by 30% to attract consumers due to affordability. The next model is Nio’s ES6, whose price ranges from $55,300 to $72,300 with a mileage range between 420 kilometers and 610 kilometers. The company announced that it sold 2493 SUVs of this type beating the previous year’s records. However, the company advised customers to make their orders eight weeks earlier on the company’s website.

Li Auto’s One model follows the trend going for $50700 with a mileage range between 111 kilometers to 800 kilometers depending on nature, either hybrid or fully electric. This model’s hybrid comes with a 45-liter fuel tank that can recharge the battery, increasing its mileage range. Additionally, the company has listed it on the Nasdaq stock exchange market, selling over 30000 units since its rollout. Another model is WM EX5, which sells at $23100 to $30700 after deducting subsidies. The model has a mileage range between 400 kilometers and 520 kilometers. This model is from WM Motor and has sold over 40000 units since its inauguration two years ago. The company has been establishing itself before it goes commercial by raising capital in its formation year, which is five years ago.

The next model is the Audi Q2 L e-Tron, in which Alexander Seitz was overseeing its financial and legal affairs in China beginning last year. The model sells at $35000 to $36700 after subsidization and comes with a mileage range of 265 kilometers. Audi took the opportunity to announce that this model will only be available in China. Additionally, the company is partnering with China’s FAW and will be developing more electric vehicles together utilizing the portfolio that Audi established with Porsche. Currently, Audi boasts of selling a record 727358 electric vehicles in China.

By Adam