V2G technology is essential as it helps store energy and gives it back to the power network if need be, such as during peak times when the consumption across the country is high. CrowdCharge and Western Power Distribution are the ones running the Electric Nation V2G trial project and want to show how they can utilize this service and its benefits to electric vehicle drivers. Currently, Electric Nation is trying to work with other four energy partners with the intention of making this trial project more realistic and showing the world that it is viable with a hope that in the near future, the majority of the streets in the entire country would have electric vehicle V2G chargers with various energy suppliers and tariffs.

Power suppliers must be sure of the exact demand their customers need for this project to function effectively and purchase this power from energy producers. In this trial project, the CrowdCharge platform would receive preferences from Igloo, which would then connect to the V2G charger of the participants. The preferences would help to guide the charging schedule to assist Igloo’s position production and supply. Igloo would also ensure that the EV of the participants is set with the correct energy amount when needed next time. As of now, over 100 Nissan owners are being recruited by Electric Nation in the South West and South Wales, and Midlands to participate in this trial. Those individuals who are willing to take part would receive up to 4000 free miles of power in one year trial period. The trial provides V2G smart chargers for free installation of £5500.

CEO and Igloo Energy founder, Matt Clemow, said that they are happy to participate in this trial with CrowdBridge, and they are looking forward to learning the people’s interaction with Vehicle to Grid technology. Clemow added that at Igloo, they strive to ensure people can save energy and decrease carbon footprint, saying that V2G charging helps the EVs’ owners attain both. Clemow also said that they are helping homes shift from using fossil fuel heating system and coal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He added they are urging these households to move to low carbon systems like air source heat pumps. Clemow said that they strive to ensure that people get the best value when they are using their EVs, more so the adoption of electric vehicles is growing.


By Adam