For quite some time, electric vehicles have existed and are eventually becoming the new substitute for internal combustion engine cars. This transition has become pronounced due to climatic problems that the transportation industry generated, causing alarm. The UK government made its plan to ban gasoline cars by the end of this decade known to its citizens. Electric vehicles will soon be the mobility system, especially after the UK making this profound announcement. Nevertheless, something is hindering the successful uptake of electric vehicles. This piece will investigate the factors contributing to this trend.

First is the cost of these electric vehicles.  Although these vehicles are affordable in running the upfront costs for procuring them is high. The successful transition to electric vehicles would require the manufacturers to make their prices affordable to accelerate the uptake rate. However, the experts in the industry anticipate prices to go down over the coming years. Analysts noted that the cost is hinged to the batteries of the cars. This discovery is forcing technology experts in the industry to conduct more research on these cars’ affordability and increase the mileage range to resolve range-anxiety concerns.

Next is the availability of the charging infrastructure to support the operation of these vehicles. No driver wants to get stuck in the middle of their journey because the battery is used up. Therefore, with the local governments’ help charging infrastructure developers are installing fast-charging systems to facilitate these electric vehicles’ maneuvering to any part of the country. The UK plans to develop more charging stations to align itself for the upcoming ban. Statistics show that charging stations’ installation escalates the demand for electric vehicles in the areas where they have shaped up.

Additionally, people love the standard systems of the ICE cars they have been using, and they would have to like the new technology before they can pour in their cash to purchase these vehicles. Moreover, people must see the value of their money. Therefore, these electric vehicles’ high prices must solve the range problems to some extent that the standard cheap ones cannot offer. The interior and exterior engineering of the electric vehicles must be appealing to the people’s eyes to convince them to purchase them. Since the early adopters are already utilizing the vehicles, the marketers must target the next target group and supply details of the vehicles to accelerate their uptake. This move would eventually convince the late adopters to purchase these cars.

By Adam