The US Space Force has named the first astronaut it recruited as the “guardian” it was held in the Earth orbit. This title fills the latest ranks that the agency was supposed to come up with in its operations. Col. Michael Hopkins has been working with the Air Force for close to three decades and accepted this new Space Force role. Hopkins also works as a NASA astronaut, a flight engineer, and SpaceX’s space vehicle commander while on the International Space Station. The chief of operations at Space Force, Gen. John Raymond, stated that this occasion equally honors the astronaut for serving the United States Air Force for several years. He expressed gratitude to the astronaut for volunteering to assume this new role in the Space Force. Raymond was speaking via a video call at the NASA Headquarters in Washington. 

Moreover, this event is one of those that close the year since the inauguration of Space Force at such a time. Space Force announced that all its service members would take on the title of “Guardians” after the agency plucking the first word from a portion of the Air Force Space Command motto, “Guardians of the High Frontier.” Raymond added that Hopkins would bear the name of the first Guardian since he has been in action for the US Air Force for such a long time. The general expressed his excitement over the changing of camps by Hopkins. Hopkins gladly accepted the role in a Japanese Kibo laboratory module with a large Space Force flag plucked beside him. 

Additionally, Raymond congratulated Hopkins for securing the award of the best-dressed astronaut aboard the ISS. The shirt that won the astronaut this award has a Space Force logo indicating his desire to witness the agency thrive in the coming days. Hopkins utilized this opportunity to thank his wife, Julie, and the US Air Force Secretary, Barbara Barrett. The latter was with Raymond to witness this event as per the new regulations developed by the legislators. Hopkins was also grateful to the Air Force, stating that it was an exhilarating experience serving in the agency. He is looking forward to replicating his success while working with Space Force. 

Hopkins explained that his choice to change and work with Space Force is because he worked under the Air Force Space Command, which is now part of the Space Force. Hopkins also thanked NASA’s administrator Jim Bridenstine who allows the astronaut to work in the military and also venture into the universe.

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