A huge chunk of the land in southern West Virginia was initially a dwelling place for coal mines before the invasion by solar energy and its resources. The previous excavation operations are being replaced by solar energy structures and leveling of the terrain. 

The land is under alignment to become a primary renewable energy source that generates profits without disparaging the environment. Initially, the Devil’s Backbone generated $1 million in profits from the coal mines and currently only bags half. This trend is hugely a product of the ongoing solar farm venture to prepare the region to transition to clean energy.

Appalachian Power has submitted a proposal that will realize the production of 200 MW of solar energy from this region. The company intends to widen its energy mix and provide a variety of services for its customers. The company thinks that West Virginia’s coal mines are the most plausible site for these projects.

Ruffner Woody, who manages the adventure fields, stated that they started following up the implementation of this plan, considering it does not need much save for the land’s leveling and an appropriate transmission line. He added that the region is ready for the transition since it will help the land become habitable and minimize deterioration.

Ruffner explained that these projects would attract investors to start purchasing lands in the region, stimulating economic success. He groaned over the state of the land which the coal mining programs had left it to be.

The Solar Energy Industries Association expressed its joy to witness this region take up a new shape and energy source. The association explained that the solar energy industry has a potential of $18 billion if it is entirely explored. This sector will power over 600000 households if its ten-year plans go through as scheduled. Additionally, the industry will offset over 35 percent of the emissions coming from the utilization of fossil fuels like coal to generate electricity.

Abigail Ross Hopper, the executive director of this association, articulated various policies that, if implemented by the Biden administration, will help the US transition to renewable energy, starting with solar energy as the backbone. Moreover, the policies stipulate how they can develop clean energy infrastructure to attract investors in the renewable energy industry to pour in their investments and facilitate a smooth transition.

In conclusion, solar energy projects will create over 250000 employment opportunities, which surpasses the 45000 coal mining jobs that will cease to exist. Moreover, landowners will no longer worry over the deterioration of their lands due to leasing it to energy companies.


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